12, August 2006

So Slow…

Posted in Focused, Life at 2:13 pm by jlaxmi

It’s like slow process. Earlier with a strong hiccup, this has shaken the whole world. Now its time to keep doing some innovative work to achieve some good things in life. I am doing my work harder, let’s see…:)



  1. meenu bhatia said,

    how to live a satisfy and contend life

  2. bhanubhakta said,

    with positive anticipation to the days to come.

  3. lona said,

    Slow…why, are you waiting for something to happen that has not taken place yet? I guess life is like that…at least for me. But I learned that the more I muse about how slow my life is, the more I lost touch to life. Life should be lived every moment, every minute, every hour, and everyday. That means FOCUS to your life NOW! Not tomorrow or some unknown and uncertain future you can never know and beyond your hands. Pay more attention to the people around you and more especially to yourself. Appreciate your value and make other people happy.

  4. Ronnie Ann said,

    Good luck! The nice thing I’ve found is that when mind, body and spirit are at last in synch, it feels as if we are one with the work – and not working harder at all. But ah…getting there. (-;

  5. mattemma said,

    hello jlaxmi,

    i guess there are times when we stumble, but be ready to always pick yourself up, and face the world with a positive mindset. yes, it is often hard, but it is really, the only thing that we can do, the rest are sometimes beyond our control.

    hope you could visit my blog! i’ve a post written about life, not sure if you’re interested or not.


    God Bless,

  6. aeileen said,

    one need not Look for love
    out there; Pray it be ‘wakened
    from Within


  7. jannycole said,

    For me…I need money to stay pretty in order to be happy…:) kinda like my life philosophy..too…though i think i am too young to have a philosophy anyway…

    And..That is what my blog ( http://jannycole.wordpress.com/ ) is about…an amalgamation of financial freedom, career, beauty and health discussion…

  8. sumandak72 said,

    hai, jlaxmi
    Think positive, be patient. When you work hard, you can get more…

  9. beachy said,

    Neither the past, not the future, exist. Live now and dont wait because you haven’t got anything else.

  10. Majors Lou said,

    Passion is the path to heaven and awarenss!

  11. Wasim said,

    Small changes lead to bigger things and feeling that things are slow may be a result of waiting around for things to happen. not always but sometimes. You can make things happen with small changes. that’s what my post is about. Have a read.

  12. gofermo said,

    July 9, 2007 at 10:30 A:M: (central European time)
    What causes change in us? Who causes change in us? Do I really cause change in some other peoples´lives? I often don`t feel like I`m an answering machine but we have machines to allow us to give answers when we´re not at home or act as though we are not home. We are all subject to two basic needs- to eat and to drink. When these two needs are met, maybe then we can change – maybe. How many times do I read and hear about people who do not have the chance to eat and to drink -every day -every night- who maybe would like to change?

  13. enen said,

    Doing and thinking for good
    It is all my life my happy life!

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